Business sustainability

At OPS Asia Pacific we’ve found that sustainability is good business, resulting in healthier institutional, social, environmental and financial conditions. We help you develop and implement strategies that make your business and your important relationships more sustainable:

  • More efficient use of resources and thus reduced business costs
  • Staff that is more engaged and committed to success
  • Customers who are better served and as a result more loyal
  • Natural resources being used in a more responsible manner
  • A more rewarding living/working environment

OPS Aisa Pacific is the Interim Scheme Manager for the bedding industry, developing the Soft Landing Mattress Product Stewardship Scheme, and is facilitator for the Responsible Construction Leadership Group.

We are also a long term panel member for facilitation and delivery of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage’s Sustainability Advantage Program. We facilitated the program for the NSW Tertiary cluster for seven years, including all NSW TAFEs and some universities. We also deliver Employee Engagement, Business Planning for Sustainability and External Stakenholder Engagement modules to organisations across NSW.

To find out how we can help you engage your staff in your business priorities call us now on +61 414 313 157