Client satisfaction diagnostic

Understanding how your clients really feel about you and the services you provide at all levels of the business is critical to your ongoing relationship. In our experience a clear understanding of the perceived differences between your offer, the client’s expectation and what the client receives is critical to maintaining and growing your client’s business.

Do you know:

  • What your clients really expect of you?
  • How well they feel you perform in all areas of your relationship?
  • How well you meet their sustainability policies are for their business and their suppliers?
  • If they tell you or someone else when they are not completely happy with your service?
  • What would strengthen your relationship with your clients?
  • What hidden potential there is in your client relationship?
  • What it is costing you not to know the answers to these questions?

 Truly understanding these gaps and addressing them effectively not only cements your relationship with your client, it also opens up opportunities for increasing your business value by demonstrating a true partnership.

If you answered No to any of these questions, call us to discuss with us how an OPS Client Satisfaction Diagnostic can help you transform your client relationships and value.           

Look right to see how one client benefited.