Building a credible business case - for public sector projects

OPS Asia Pacific was engaged by the Gateway Unit of NSW Government Procurement to develop and deliver a workshop to improve the quality of business cases that pass through the Gateway Review System and are subsequently submitted to Treasury for funding.  The aim of the system is “to help agencies improve procurement discipline and to achieve better service results from their procurement activity.”

This two-day workshop focuses on the thinking and processes required to develop a business case for funding. It takes participants from a strategic view of the problem or opportunity, to considerations for evaluating options, to ensuring appropriate coverage of key business case success factors. Whether the project is for capital developments, information systems or goods and services, superior business case development skills are an asset. During the workshop, participants discuss and apply business case principles to a case study, and are invited to share their own real-life examples.

The workshop covers the important financial, non-financial and economic factors of a business case that demonstrate the likelihood of service outcomes being met by the project.  Whilst it references and links to the Gateway Business Case Review requirements, the course content is scalable applicable to most projects, whether public sector or private. In NSW this course is available through the Institute of Public Administration of Australia (IPAA), NSW Branch. Contact us for more information or go to IPAA NSW for course content and booking. It can also be customised for particular agencies.

This course is for supervisors and managers who are, or expect to be, involved in writing business cases for projects large or small

Course content

Course contentThis workshop explores the key elements that contribute to a robust business case including a summary of the Gateway Review System, the preliminary business case versus the final business case, strategic and policy alignment, service delivery options, sustainability considerations, risk, value for money – econ omic and financial appraisal, documenting stakeholder, change and project management capability and presenting the business case for review and funding.

Learning outcomes

This program will enable participants to:

  • the end of this course attendees should be able to:
  • write the ‘right’ business case in an appropriate style
  • understand the requirements of, and connection between, business case guidelines and the Gateway review process
  • align their business case with their Results and Services Plan, statement of business intent or corporate plan
  • align with the State Plan and State Infrastructure Plan
  • be confident that their project will effectively address the service need
  • adequately cover the critical elements that deliver the project outcomes
  • write an executive summary that will sell their case.

Benefits for the organisation

  • greater understanding of what needs to be covered in a business case and improved prospects of achieving project and service delivery outcomes
  • alignment of business case options with the Results and Services Plan or statement of business intent
  • greater objectivity in selecting the best business case option

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