Building a credible business case - for private sector projects

OPS Asia Pacific was engaged by the NSW Government  in 2006 to develop and deliver a workshop to improve the quality of business cases for projects requiring funding.  The resulting workshops are equally applicable to private sector projects requiring either internal or external funding.

The workshop covers the important financial, non-financial and economic factors of a business case that demonstrate the likelihood of service outcomes being met by the project. 

Developing robust, effective business cases is a critical aid to making sound funding decisions and delivering maximum benefit to the business and its customers.  This two-day workshop focuses on the thinking and processes required to develop a business case for funding. It takes participants from a strategic view of the problem or opportunity, to considerations for evaluating options, to ensuring appropriate coverage of key business case success factors. Whether the project is for capital developments, information systems or goods and services, superior business case development skills are an asset.

Who should attend

This course is for supervisors and managers who are, or expect to be, involved in writing business cases for projects large or small. It also benefits project managers by providing an holistic view of project development, implementation and outcomes.

Course content

Course content can be customised 

The workshop provides tools and develops practical skills in all areas of a business case from problem or opportunity identification to preparing your final documents for senior management or board approval.  No matter what area of service you work in, excellent business case development skills are an asset.

During the workshop, participants will apply business case principles to case studies, and will be invited to share their own real-life examples.

Learning outcomes

This program will enable participants to:

  • Ensure you are writing the “right” business case in an appropriate style
  • Understand the requirements of the business and key stakeholders to facilitate their funding decisions
  • Ensure the alignment of your business case with your company vision and strategic plan
  • Be confident that your project will effectively address the service need
  • Ensure you have adequately covered the critical elements that deliver the project outcomes
  • Write an executive summary that will sell your case
  • Know you have the best chance of attaining funding for your project
  • Benefits for the organisation
  • A framework for developing a business case
  • Alignment of business case options with the company vision
  • Improved prospects of achieving project and service delivery outcomes
  • Improved business case authoring

Want to know more?

To discuss how our Building a Credible Business Case workshop can improve your investment decisions and service outcomes, contact us by phone now on +61 (2) 8003 3002.