Getting mattresses off our streets and out of landfill

While there has been much attention to the fate of our kerbside recycling – paper, glass, plastic – another item breeds on our streets (and beaches) and continues to take up a lot of space in landfill. Yes, the once-loved mattress unceremoniously dumped. Too often on the street.

 The mattress stewardship working group recently met with Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environment Management the Hon. Trevor Evans, MP to discuss the fate of mattresses, and the challenge they create in landfill. OPS is working with the industry to establish a product stewardship scheme, get mattresses out of landfill, and seek higher value uses for the used mattress materials.

Assist Minister Evans July 2019.jpg

Bedding industry representatives Michael Hunt, Thermotec, Garry Beard, AH Beard, Assistant Minister Evans, Ryan Trainer, Mattress Recycling Council (US) and Janelle Wallace, Soft Landing Product Stewardship Scheme

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